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Growing security threats such as hacking, attack, and privacy security incident require full-range comprehensive preparation on personal PC, server, network and critical system, etc.
To protect important customer assets and minimize the harm, HUEVERTECH Co.,Ltd provides various information security solution such as Firewall, IDS, IPS, VPN, DDoS Protection and ATP detect solution optimized for various client environment.

Firewall / IPS
- Actual user based firewall policy application and management
- URL filter, Data Filter, Threat Prevention(Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware)
VPN Network
- Flexible VPN network configuration by concurrent support on IPSec VPN and SSL VPN
- ISP through virtual network of MPLS and large enterprise VPN network configuration
Application Control
- Control and block application based on policy
- Analyze tunneled application and compressed file such as SSL/HTTPS
APT Protection
- Based on the act of detecting every application, every protocol, SSL traffic, and various evasion techniques (Different from original APT solution limited to web and email)
- Analyze files that are commonly used on attack such as MS file, PDF, EXE, Java, etc.