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OverviewCompound word of Human Ever Technology, company that aim for human centered technology and value both clients and members

VisionClients and members grow together and share happiness

6 BasicClients and members grow together and share happiness

FoundationDecember 15, 2008
CEOJin Ho Son
No. of Employees62 (2017)
ContactsT 02-6495-3400 / F 02-6499-0299
  • Passion
    Always doing best to achieve given goals
  • Optimism
    Thinking optimistically and being thankful for everything
  • Cleanliness
    Keeping workplace in good condition
  • Neatness
    Being neatly attired
  • Manner
    Behaving in good manners
  • Virtue
    Having a virtuous nature

Company historyFound in December 2008, HUEVERTECH is a young company rising as a technology leader in network integration(NI) and security market with abundant technology and specialized solution in the fields of network, security, and mobile.

12. register patent right(Management receipt)
12. KB Bank, Darktrace Construction
12. The National Election Commission, Integrated Maintenance
09. SK Broadband, IP network advancement Project
09. SK Broadband, Advanced CDN Network Project
07. Samsung RnD, Darktrace Construction
04. SK Broadband a new network upgradability Project
03. VIVArepublica, Pyeongchon New IDC Construction
03. Hi-Seoul Brand selected company
02. SK Broadband IDC Large Switch Construction Project
12. SK Networks Service Partner Award
12. Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial unusual analysis of action project
11. Cylance MSSP and Platinum partnership
08. Samsung Electronics 5G Test Project
07. SK C&C Best Partner awarded
06. KB Life insurance AI Network Traffic System Project
06. SK Broadband NGENA Project
04. The National Election Commission network upgradability Project
02. SK Broadband GIGA Service Project
12. SK Telecom retail store GW Project
11. Partnership with DarkTrace
07. SK Broadband Media Perform structural improvement project
07. MAINBIZ Association MAIN-BIZ certification
05. SK Broadband IP backbone large business contract
02. SK Broadband new Media center construction business contract
10. INNOBIZ Association INNO-BIZ(technically innovative firm) certification
07. Singapore branch establishment
06. Samsung SDS Partner agreement
06. F5 Networks Silver Partnership certification
04. NC Soft Cloud Platform construction business contract
03. SK Broadband Giga service business contract
01. GS Caltex national maintenance business contract
01. KB Kookmin Bank Best company nominated
12. SK Broadband Best Quality Award
12. Capital increase from starting capital of 3 million won
09. SK Telecom SDG Project business conduct
08. SK C&C Excellent Business Partner nomination
06. Palo Alto Gold Partner certification
12. Korea Excahnge(KRX) security enhancement business contract
11. SK Broadband Excellent Business Partner nomination
10. Information & Communication Contractors License acquisition
08. ARISTA DVAR contract
08. Cisco Gold Partnership certification
06. HUEVERTECH Co.,Ltd office relocation
06. SK Hynix network construction and operation Business Partner nomination
05. SK C&C Excellent Business Partner nomination
06. Venture Business certification
06. SK Telecom core network maintenance contract
05. Annex research lab establishment
01. SK Broadband HFC network maintenance contract
01. National defense Broadband convergence network BTL information protection system construction
09. SK Telecom Jung Ki-Won Control Center management contract
04. SK Telecom data network maintenance contract
04. Cisco Premier Certification
12. HUEVERTECH Co.,Ltd foundation

Organization ChartWe are Convergence Network Leader



Technology Research

  • ICT Business
    • ICT Business Division
    • ICT Technical Center
      • Professional Service Team
      • Technical Team 1
      • Technical Team 2
      • Technical Team 3
      • New Business Team
      • Marketing Team
  • Solution Business Headquarters
    • Solution Business Division
    • AI Security Team
    • NI Technical Team
  • Business Support Headquarter

DirectoryWe will grow with internal stability based on total solution, various experience and technology, and national service organization.

  • Address7 Seongsui-ro 7 gil, Room 303, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (Seoul Forest Hanra Sigma Valley 2)
                                   E-mart direction from exit 3 of Seongsu station (6 minute walk)
  • TEL02-6495-3400FAX02-6499-0299