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Software Defined Network (SDN)

SDN is a network technology which network administrator can program virtualized network to control/administrate and provide centralized control section

SDN Definition

SDN Framework

Programmable control planeConfigured with 3 open Interface, including southbound, northbound, and east-west bound interfaces for control planes

SDN languages and formal specification[Y.FNsdn-fm] Formal specification method and languages for application/service development

Data plane abstractionWell-defined, common data plane models, rather than using of specific hardwares

Virtualization of the underlying network

SDN Model

Open Source Camp

  • Open source camp defined standard protocol “OpenFlow” based SDN, and by this enabling Controller and data transmission equipment is possible without being subordinated by specific manufacturer.
  • Main Controller is Open Daylight and Floodlight, major equipment manufacturers are HP, Arista, and Brocade.
  • Successful case of Open Flow application is G-Scale Project which aimed for increase in circuit usage between Google Datacenter.
Commercial Product Camp (Cisco ACI)

  • Well know commercial SDN solution is Cisco ACI, holding multiple global references and currently leading the market.
  • Cisco ACI is configured of Nexus 9K and controller called “APIC”.
  • Main concept of ACI is to provide network infra for application
  • Currently Cisco ACI includes physical and virtual server suitable for converting data center into SDN based cloud data center.