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Core & Aggregation Router

IT company administrators have to provide specialized network base solutions under limited time and resource. Cisco Core and Aggregation router helps on simplifying complex network structure. It is adaptable on the the entire network of Core, Aggregation and brings the best performance fulfilling the user’s requirement standard.

CRS (Carrier Routing System)
  • - Provides integrated packet infra which highly utilize and expand integrate service including data, voice and video
  • - Minimizes the network complexity by ensuring flexible expansion, transmission and service
  • - CRS-X multi-chassis architecture which provides 400Gbps performance by slot assures the best expandability by embarking the Cisco AnyPort technology
  • - Self-healing and self-defending operation system specially designed for non-stop operation
Main Customer
Large ISP / Large enterprise / Portal / etc.
ASR 9000 (Aggregation Services Routers)
  • - Provides optimized video and mobile service including data, voice and video with intelligence of application level
  • - Provides integrate service by network virtualization, VPN, NAT, etc.
  • - Provides excellent expandability with performance up to 48Tbps by system and 550Gbps by slot
  • - Provides Carrier class stability by embarking extensive system redundancy and network restitution technology
Main Customer
ISP / Medium ∙ Large enterprise / Data Center / Portal / etc.

Core & Aggregation Switch

Cisco Nexus Switch is designed to meet the next generation data center’s strict requirements. It is a switch that provides high expandability and performance with outstanding energy efficiency in compact form factor. It is ideal for aggregation and excess layer construction of enterprise, common carrier and cloud network.

Nexus 9000
  • - Module and Fixed type 10/40/100Gigabit Ethernet switch setup
  • - Supports Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) - comprehensive architecture combining centralized automation and policy based application profile
  • - Provides performance of 1.92Tbps by slot and supports large-scale 1/10/40 and 100Gigabit Ethernet expansion
  • - Assures high availability through complete non-stop operation Cisco In-Service Software Upgrade(ISSU) and patching
Main Customer
Large ISP / Large enterprise / Portal / etc.
Nexus 7000
  • - Switch for data center access, aggregation and core
  • - Supports maximum 1.3Tbps by slot, over 83Tbps by chassis and large-scale 1/10/40 and 100Gigabit Ethernet expandability
  • - Provides the most comprehensive data center functional set in the industry
  • - Provides ISSU(In-Service Software Upgrade) with advanced service and high availability without affecting the operation
  • - Supports XML based comprehensive and centralized administration
Main Customer
ISP / Medium ∙ Large enterprise / Data Center / Portal / etc.

Metro Network

Cisco Carrier Ethernet Switch offers aggregation and multiplexing layer between access and edge layer.

Cisco ME 4900 Series Switches
  • - Provides the next generation domestic service
  • - High-performance 1RU carrier Ethernet switch
  • - Ideal for common carrier who look to build the new domestic service
  • - Supports triple play service(Voice, Video, Data)
  • - Provides the best cable speed up to 48Gbps and 71mpps
Main Customer
Large ISP
Cisco ME 3800X Series Switches
  • - Cost-effective 1 rack unit(1RU) switch router which carry out broadband mobile carrier Ethernet aggregation
  • - Idea for broadband aggregation and mobile backhauling application
  • - Small installation space, low electricity usage and wide service range
  • - Provides complete functional platform for remote central workspace and small scale aggregation
Main Customer
Large ISP

Access Network

Embody the best switch among its class with application intelligence, integrated service , non-stop communication, virtualization, integrated security and simplified administration method.

Cisco ME 4600 Series
  • - Switch for common carrier who provides service through active or passive optic network
  • - Expandable solution for flexible and cost-effective optic fiber access
  • - Reliable OLT(Optical Line enTry) option and flexible ONT/ONU(Optical Network Terminal/Unit) equipment
  • - Validity verified end-to-end solution using other Cisco product
Main Customer
Large ISP
Cisco ME 3600X Series Switches
  • - Switch for common carrier who look to simplify operation and build “Extended” business model
  • - Fixed switch with 1 RU that integrate wire and wireless service
  • - Provides excellent service using hierarchical service quality
  • - Provides transmission speed of 10Gbps on business and mobile application
Main Customer
Large ISP
Cisco ME 3400E Series Switches
  • - Client location based Ethernet access switch optimized for business service
  • - Switch for common carrier who look to provide advanced Ethernet service like Ethernet-to-Business VPN service
  • - Provides platform for flexible and differentiated service
  • - Provides tool to transfer high service availability
Main Customer
Large ISP
Cisco ME 2600X Series Switches
  • - Common carrier’s FTTH or FTTB exclusive switch
  • - Provides high service availability
  • - Provides flexible and differentiated service
  • - Service administration and problem solution remotely
  • - Enhancement of network service security to protect from malicious user
Main Customer
Large ISP
Cisco ME 1200 Series Carrier Ethernet Access Devices
  • - Cloud support network interface including SDN controller and XML interface
  • - “Non-contacting” interface with virtualization included in remote host controller
  • - Energy efficiency through maximum power consumption of 10W
  • - Operation, administration and maintenance(OAM) function meeting MEF(Metro Ethernet Forum) 2.0 requirements
  • - Accurate time distribution and nano-second scale accuracy
Main Customer
Large ISP

HFC Network

Network which provide services of DATA, VoIP, and IPTV services through the HFC(Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network based on DOCSIS(Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) standard. CMTS(Cable Modem Termination System) is a equipment which transfers cable modem data to data packet for internet transmission.

Cisco uBR10012
  • - Provides service of DOCSIS 1.0 to 3.0
  • - Bonding(binding many upward/downward channel) available
  • - Able to provide Wideband service by bonding of downward speed of about 1Gbps, and upward speed of about 400Mbps
  • - PRE5(Performance Routing Engine) : Maximum 60Gbps aggregate throughput
  • - 5x1GE SPA : 5 x 1 GE ports(SX/LX/ZX)
Main Customer
Cisco cBR-8
  • - DOCSIS 3.1 function providing equipment which OFDM technology is applicable
  • - Bonding(binding many upward/downward channel) available
  • - Able to provide Wideband service by bonding of downward speed of about 10Gbps, and upward speed of about 2.5Gbps
  • - RF Line Cards : 8 DS ports + 16 US ports per card (8x16)
  • - Supervisor Cards : Integrated backhaul capacity: 8x10 Gbps
Main Customer