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Network Integration_Overview

Design/Construct/Operation-support base infrastructure on corporate client’s IT networking environment and provide overall value of availability/reliability/high-performance

  • “IT related application programs or devices are main components of IT business. Efficiently connecting and managing such components by technical networking integrated service guarantees permanence and attainment of a business.”

  • “Integrated network service by HUEVERTECH deals with client’s rapidly changing business demands and new technology application demands, designing/constructing the best IT networking environment.”

  • “Providing flexible high-tech networking environment and assuring client business developing at the same time, we make our clients to be able to achieve business goals.”

Network Integration_Business Area

Through the client request reflected consultation, we provide network integrated service by designing/constructing/administrating network infrastructure that flexibly deploy to capricious business environment. HUEVERTECH Co.,Ltd meet client’s various technical requirements and strengthen the business competitive edge.

  • By the client’s internal communication, LAN, and
    WAN networking infra environment, providing
    assured network design, integration, construct,
    and administrate service
  • Providing flexible and reliable networking
    environment that optimally deploy to capricious
    business environment
  • Providing Cloud environment optimized network performance