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HUEVERTECH CSB : Service that integrate specialty(consulting/migration/linkage/etc.) and added value(Access administration tool, 3rd-party solution integration, back office, etc.) and mediate to customer who look to introduce Cloud provider’s public/private service(IaaS, Saas, PaaS)


Cloud service which HUEVERTECH can provide - Cisco Powered Cloud Services

HUEVERTECH CSB – Feature and Targeted Customer Type

  • Easy migration
    HUEVERTECH’s CSB service user is not subordinated to cloud service provider, compatible with most of existing public/
    private cloud service – Unconstrained cloud IT operation is possible by being able to choose under conditions of supporting function/cost/usage limit/etc. per various cloud service provider without restriction

    Customer who use multiple cloud service according to cost, support function, performance, and usage limit or who plan to move between cloud service provider

  • Localization of cloud business with no worldwide limit
    Not like former cloud provider, local cloud hosting on user designated area is possible and without initial investment localization of cloud business with no limit on location is possible through Virtual Private Cloud PoP

    Cloud business localization targeted to global customers who is sensitive to delay such as game publishing, shopping mall, payment service, contents delivery, etc. and who considers localization

  • Cloud specialty
    As cloud service diversify, become more complicated and concerns on cloud risk factor continues, HUEVERTECH CSB service with cloud service specialty is necessary

    Customer who does not have IT operative workforce, or SMB customer who lacks cloud operational capability